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Go Dry-Ish this January with SERVED

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Go Dry-Ish this January with SERVED

After the year we have endured, 2021 is not the year for slogging your way through Dry January or pressurising yourself into a January detox, instead, 2021 is the year for balance or Dry-ish January.

British hard seltzer, SERVED, are designed to make people feel good, both about themselves and the planet. There is nothing fake or artificial about their drinks. It’s just water, fruit and a touch of alcohol. With 0 sugar, 0 carbs and just 57 calories per can (less than an apple), SERVED drinks are guilt-free meaning you can enjoy one or two…

SERVED recognise that we all need to make changes and do what we can to save our planet. That’s why the founders have developed 100% recyclable cans and pledged to invest 5% of their profits into environmental projects saving critically endangered species around the world. When it comes to fruit SERVED believe in substance over style and go to extraordinary lengths to find the world's best tasting fruit, bursting with flavour. As looks never come into it they are able to use bumped, bent and broken fruit that would have otherwise gone to waste.

With trend forecasters predicting that this January will see far less of us taking up the traditions of Dry January, SERVED Hard Seltzers offer consumers a low-abv, low calorie alternative, whilst also being good for the environment - providing the perfect balance to ensure January can still be a healthy month by reducing alcohol intake, without having to give it up completely.