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What is hard seltzer? Discover the drink of the future

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What is hard seltzer? Discover the drink of the future

It’s refreshing, light, fizzy, with the ‘right’ percentage of alcohol by volume. Plus, it’s low-calorie, low carb and comes in a variety of fruity flavours. It’s no wonder why there’s so much buzz about it!

Everyone loves a cold beer at the pub after work. But no one enjoys the feeling of a bloated belly that comes with drinking it. What causes that awful sensation anyway? Whenever we take a swig of beer, it releases carbon dioxide gas into our bodies, resulting in a bloated feeling. 

And it’s not just the beers! The majority of drinks and spirits that dominated the alcoholic beverage landscape for years are high in sugar and carbs. But today, consumers tend towards a healthier lifestyle that can keep their minds and bodies fresh and strong.

That’s the gap in the market that hard seltzer comes to fill!

It’s the novelty, ‘health-conscious’ alcoholic drink. Millennials love it and have already shown their preference for hard seltzer over craft beer.

What is hard seltzer made of?

Hard seltzers contain carbonated water, alcohol and fruit flavouring extracts. The most popular alcoholic bases used for hard seltzers are wine, malt and other light spirits. They don’t contain unfermented complex sugars or proteins, which translates into a rock-bottom calorie count. 

They’re also the perfect fit for those on a gluten restricted diet!

The exact ingredients and production methods differ from brand to brand. For example, Served infuses fresh wonky fruit into natural spring water and the ultra-pure, four-time distilled, ServedPure™ gluten-free spirit.

How popular is hard seltzer in the UK and US?

Hard seltzer’s history started in the US in 2013. Nick Shields, who was managing a small beer brand at that time, tried to make an alcoholic soda drink and sell it in a can. 

That was it! His attempt turned out to be a huge success.

Since then, many copycat spirits started popping up in the US beverage market. It came as no surprise that sales of hard seltzer drinks soared by 200% between 2018 and 2019.

Industry experts and retail trend professionals have agreed that hard seltzer is the fastest-growing alcoholic beverage category in the US.

US-based drinkers already had a long tradition of consuming seltzer spirits - the ones without alcohol. The alcohol, though, was the exciting addition that made seltzer’s popularity skyrocket. The fact that hard seltzer doesn’t have the calories or the sugary sweetness of soda is an added bonus.

The hard seltzer craze is now making its way to the UK, competing against popular gin and vodka options. The innovative drink category arrived in Great Britain just two years ago, in 2019. It’s exciting news that just in May 2020, Google searches for hard seltzer in the country increased by 67%.

IWSR has announced that the hard seltzer category will probably witness the highest growth rate within the UK’s ready-to-drink sector over the next five years.

You can find these innovative and refreshing drinks on the shelves of retailers, such as Tesco, Morrisons, Whole Foods, Sainsbury’s, Selfridges, Planet Organic etc.

If you’re interested in tasting the Served Hard Seltzer, click here and have your favourite flavour served straight to your doorstep - with free delivery on all UK orders!

How many calories are in hard seltzers?

Hard seltzers are spiked with alcohol. 

Note: If they don’t contain alcohol, they’re called just ‘seltzers’.

The alcohol by volume is similar to beer. It might vary between brands, but it usually ranges from 4% to 7%.

The calorie content, however, is what gives hard seltzers the competitive advantage over beers and wines. While a typical beer contains about 50-100 calories - or even more -, most alcoholic seltzers contain half this amount.

So, for consumers looking for a low-calorie, ‘healthier’ alcoholic beverage, hard seltzers are the right choice.

Served Hard Seltzers contain just 23 calories, zero grams of sugar, and zero grams of carbs per 100ml.

What are the best tasting hard seltzer flavours?

Well, that depends on each drinker’s taste. The good news is that there are so many hard seltzer flavours out there, which makes it difficult for consumers not to find their favourite one!

Here is a list of the most loved flavours in the UK:

  • Lime
  • Raspberry
  • Blackberry
  • Passion fruit
  • Pineapple
  • Mango
  • Coconut

There are also other not-so-popular, yet interesting fruity flavours to taste, such as:

  • Peach 
  • Orange
  • Citrus
  • Mandarin
  • Turmeric
  • Rose

Is hard seltzer gluten-free?

Are you on a gluten-free diet or living with Celiacs?

Then hard seltzer is the right alcoholic drink for you!

Many hard seltzer brands in the market are naturally gluten-free. These brands use cane sugar to create alcohol instead of gluten grains. However, no sugar is left in the drink after the crafting process.

It’s true though that not all hard seltzer brands use the same ingredients. Some of them use gluten-containing grains and then remove the gluten in a process called fermentation.

Even in this case, not all of the gluten can be removed. These products are not considered 100% gluten-free, so you should always check the beverage’s label for the detailed ingredients list.

What else do I need to know about hard seltzers?

There are many different names for hard seltzers. So don’t be surprised if you hear people referring to them with any of the below names:

  • Alcoholic sparkling water (most common in the UK)
  • Alcoholic soda
  • Hard soda
  • Alcoholic soda pop
  • Hard sparkling alcohol soda
  • Hard sparkling water
  • Spiked Seltzer (typical in the US)

No matter the name, these innovative, refreshing, easy-to-drink beverages are a great alternative to beer and wines.

Important note: Drinkers must be aware of the risks of binge drinking. Like with any other alcoholic drinks, hard seltzers can also cause intoxication if consumed beyond normal levels.

Here are other interesting facts to know about hard seltzers (plus, a bonus info about plain seltzer):

  • They come in a convenient can, just like beers.
  • Major beer brands have started including hard seltzers on their product lists.
  • Barry Joseph has written a book chronicling the history of seltzer, the “Seltzertopia.”
  • Hard seltzers are particularly popular in the social media sphere. In fact, there are many memes about them!
  • It’s a gender-neutral drink - meaning that it doesn’t target any particular sex.
  • It fits perfectly within a holistic, healthful lifestyle.

Served Hard Seltzers

Served Hard Seltzer is a UK-made beverage. It contains 23 calories, zero grams of sugar and zero grams of carbs per 100ml.

All of the ingredients we use in our products are naturally gluten-free and vegan, made purely from plants. 

Our mission is to create a convenient and refreshing lower-ABV beverage, designed for the modern, health-conscious consumer. 

Check out our full product list and order your favourite hard seltzer flavour, delivered straight to your door!