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Hard Seltzer Cocktail Recipe with Tequila

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Hard Seltzer Cocktail Recipe with Tequila

Cocktail Name | LIVE LIKE A LOCAL

A delicious, light, fresh and tropical cocktail made using Rita Ora's Prospero Tequila, coconut water, agave nectar, fresh mango juice, lime and Served Raspberry hard seltzer.

Calories - Only 142 calories

Preparation Time- 5 minutes

  • SERVED Raspberry: 100ml
  • Prospero Blanco Tequila: 30ml
  • Coconut Water: 50ml
  • Agave Nectar: 10ml
  • Fresh Mango Juice: 30ml
  • Fresh Lime Juice: 5ml
Glass, Garnish & Ice
  • Highball Glass
  • Fresh Raspberry
  • Cubed Ice
  1. Fill a shaker with cubed ice, add Prospero Blanco Tequila, Coconut water, agave nectar, fresh mango juice and lime juice.
  2. Shake until mixed
  3. Add cubed ice to highball glass
  4. Pour into glass and top with Served hard seltzer
  5. Garnish with a fresh raspberry