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Go Dry-Ish this January with SERVED

Go Dry-Ish this January with SERVED

After the year we have endured, 2021 is not the year for slogging your way through Dry January or pressurising yourself into a January detox, instead, 2021 is the year for balance or Dry-ish January.

British hard seltzer, SERVED, are designed to make people feel good, both about themselves and the planet. There is nothing fake or artificial about their drinks. It’s just water, fruit and a touch of alcohol. With 0 sugar, 0 carbs and just 57 calories per can (less than an apple), SERVED drinks are guilt-free meaning you can enjoy one or two…

SERVED recognise that we all need to make changes and do what we can to save our planet. That’s why the founders have developed 100% recyclable cans and pledged to invest 5% of their profits into environmental projects saving critically endangered species around the world. When it comes to fruit SERVED believe in substance over style and go to extraordinary lengths to find the world's best tasting fruit, bursting with flavour. As looks never come into it they are able to use bumped, bent and broken fruit that would have otherwise gone to waste.

With trend forecasters predicting that this January will see far less of us taking up the traditions of Dry January, SERVED Hard Seltzers offer consumers a low-abv, low calorie alternative, whilst also being good for the environment - providing the perfect balance to ensure January can still be a healthy month by reducing alcohol intake, without having to give it up completely.

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Served Becomes First Hard Seltzer to Feature In World's 50 Best Bar

Served Becomes First Hard Seltzer to Feature In World's 50 Best Bar

SERVED, has become the first hard seltzer to feature on a menu of a World's 50 Best Bar. The premium hard seltzer brand, which has already seen its products sell out in Selfridges and Planet Organic, now features in two drinks on the winter cocktail menu of Artesian Bar – the critically acclaimed cocktail bar within The Langham Hotel, currently listed as the World’s 41st  Best Bar.

 Inspired by the era of Disco, Artesian’s menu designed by Anna Sebastian the ‘queen of hospitality’ (Cocktail Lovers, 2018) features 12 classic Disco cocktails with a modern twist. SERVED Raspberry Hard Seltzer is paired with Absolute Elyx Vodka, Vanilla, Bergamot, Smoke and Redbull Cordial to create an innovative interpretation of the Vodka Red Bull. The menu also features an original take on the Batanga cocktail with SERVED Lime Hard Seltzer, Patron Silver Tequila, Mezcal, Mr Black Coffee, Agave and Spice. The Vodka Red Bull and Batanga cocktails are currently available on the menu at Artesian.

Artesian’s Bar Manager, Anna Sebastian says: “Hard seltzers are widely considered to be the next big trend and we are excited to be leading the way using SERVED on our menu. SERVED’s crisp, light flavour pairs fantastically well with vodka and whiskey”. We are delighted to feature SERVED on our Winter Cocktail Menu and to create two superb cocktails that pay homage to some fantastic memories – it’s especially rewarding given that the night club industry is going through such a tough time.”

SERVED co-founder Dean Ginsberg said: “Since we launched this summer, the response has been overwhelming and we have witnessed a huge demand from people looking for more conscious alcoholic options, both from a health and sustainability perspective. It is an absolute honour to be working with Artesian, a World 50 Best Bar and a longstanding personal favourite of ours. It has been fantastic to see Served being used as a key ingredient in such an iconic bar and we are in no doubt that it will be hugely popular with guests of Artesian Bar over the coming months

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Supplier Spotlight: Served Hard Seltzer | Planet Organic

Supplier Spotlight: Served Hard Seltzer | Planet Organic

As former restaurant owners, the founders of Served were becoming increasingly aware of the modern health needs of a conscious consumer and decided to create clean, alcoholic drinks with true nutritional transparency. Read on to learn more about Served's ethos and Hard Seltzer drinks.

What Is Hard Seltzer?

“Hard Seltzer is the name given to a new and exciting category of alcoholic drink. Hard Seltzers are typically made with just three ingredients: sparkling water, alcohol and flavourings. Hard Seltzers were first developed in the US and were immediately a hit with a new generation of drinkers, who wanted all the refreshment and flavour, but without the calories, sugar and carbs. The category did £2.7bn in sales in the US alone last year.”

How is Served hard seltzer made?

“Served hard seltzer is made using the world’s finest plant-based ingredients. We infuse fresh wonky fruit, with British spring water and our ultra-pure, four-times distilled, ServedPure™ gluten-free spirit.”

What makes Served stand out from the crowd?

“We realised that we are living in an age where people really care about the food they put in their bodies - for both themselves and the planet. With this in mind, we couldn’t get our heads around why companies creating alcoholic drinks all seemed to be packing them with sugar and cheap artificial ingredients and offering little to no ingredient or nutritional transparency. As a result, we set out to create a drink to feel good about. Not just for ourselves, but for the planet. Something lower in ABV, that was natural and refreshing, that tasted amazing, but without all the bad stuff. Pure. We embarked on an extraordinary 12-month journey to make this a reality; from wading through crystal clear natural springs in rural Staffordshire, to handpicking wonky raspberries with local farmers in the heart of Scotland’s Strathmere valley.

Here’s What Is In Our Drinks:

SERVEDPURE™ GLUTEN FREE ALCOHOL - Champagne-Ardenne, France Our ServedPure™ gluten-free alcohol is four-times distilled from locally grown beet in France, to produce a crystal clear, ultra-clean tasting spirit, with a subtle smooth finish for pure refreshment. We use wonky beet to ensure there is zero waste. As our alcohol is so pure, it carries a whole host of positives which we have to share with you: extremely light in calories, contains zero sugar or carbs, vegan, gluten-free and GMO-free, 100% sustainable with zero waste.

SPRING WATER - Staffordshire, England To achieve the perfect clean and refreshing flavour profile in our drinks, it’s essential that we source the very finest spring water. Our spring water is naturally filtered through red and grey sandstone and freshly sprung in rural Staffordshire.

WONKY LIMES - Catanduva, Brazil We specifically select wonky limes that would otherwise go to waste, due to their, well... wonky, appearance. We source Tahiti limes grown in the Catanduva region of Brazil for their deliciously sweet, less acidic flavour. We use the whole fruit to maximise on sweetness and aroma when infusing them into our drinks.

WONKY RASPBERRIES - Strathmere Valley, Scotland We love our wonky raspberries. With the perfect growing conditions and wonderfully fertile soil, we source our raspberries from local farms in the heart of Scotland’s Strathmere Valley, as they produce some of the world’s finest raspberries bursting with sweetness and flavour. Again, we aren’t afraid to select raspberries in all shapes and sizes, gently infusing them into our drinks to produce crisp, light flavour and a touch of natural sweetness.”

What would be the perfect accompaniment to your drinks? “Served are convenient and refreshing lower-ABV drinks, designed for the modern health-conscious social lifestyle and are perfect for barbecues, summer picnics, or simply enjoying at home with friends!”

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Served Hard Seltzer voted as the No. 1 in the top 10 ready made drinks!

Served Hard Seltzer voted as the No. 1 in the top 10 ready made drinks!

This summer’s biggest tinnie trend, hard seltzer is huge. Super refreshing, SERVED have spiked their alcoholic, low-calorie, sparkling water with wonky fruit (bent, crushed, etc). In this case, Brazilian limes for a crisp, lightly infused fizz. Free from added sugar and anything artificial, there’s also a raspberry expression.

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